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Safely let our washers do your laundry.

Wewashers feedback

Washing, drying and ironing your laundry is now a pleasure
Our most famous examples


Young Mickael Wewasheur drops his laundry bag off to Mr Fer who irons it at a price of CHF 25.20.
His mom writes us every day to thank us.


Mr We Wash drops 1 bag weekly off to Mrs Dot-io on his way to his office. Washing, drying and ironing: CHF 29.10.
Wash family feels wonderful.


Mr We, a carpenter, requested a pick up of his laundry bag from home. For only CHF 38.10, it will be washed, ironed and delivered.
We take a weight off his shoulders.

WeWash works for you


washers have been selected and work in WeWash's network


wash cycles have been started by our washers


shirts have been ironed

How it works

You can either drop your laundry off to our washer, or even ask our washer to pickup your laundry at your home
washed, dried, ironed - as you want (Watch our video)


While transmitting your laundry for the first time, we will offer you a red bag for your dirty linen.
In accordance with our high hygiene standards, you'll then receive your order in a black bag.
Both bags are opaque to protect your privacy.
Keep them for next orders.

drop-off, but where ?

If you select to bring your laundry with you, we'll ask the two or three closest washers and since a washer accept your order, youll get his address. If you absolutely want a specific location, ask us in the comment section, a timing adjustment might be required in order to guarantee you a specific washer. Map

Our guarantees

An insurance covering damages.
WeWash quality policy defining our high standards in laundry service.
A strict and rigorous selection of washers joining WeWash.
A customized follow-up for each customer.

100% satisfied

We make every effort to ensure your complete satisfaction.
Nevertheless, if you encountered an issue and you're not happy with your laundry, we will do it again for free.


We strenghten the relationship with your washer. While your satisfied with a washer and you know him, he'll be the first contacted when you order again. He knows your preferences better and the quality will be even better!

Safely use WeWash close to you

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